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Lord Bastian

Greetings Humans! I am Monsignor Bastian. Lord of The Rose. Guardian of The Holy Rose and all around epic Black Cat…But you can just call me Bastian. I love being here at the shop and doing cat things. But I do NOT like to be touched when I’m sleeping. I love humans but I will be the one to approach you please just let me be if I don’t. My human servants, I mean friends, here keep a watchful eye on me and know my body language well, so if they tell you I’m irritated, having an off day, or ask you to leave me alone…please listen to them. If you press on after being warned we will not be held responsible for my cat actions…yes I will hiss, scratch, and bite if you annoy me enough or touch me against my wishes…I’m a cat. We are unpredictable and easily annoyed by nature. I, getting as much attention as I do, and being as spoiled as I am, am especially quirky. Please do NOT make animal or weird noise at me…it makes me very irritable. Please do not bring me food, treats, or toys. I will not be allowed to eat or play with them. The Priestess has me well supplied and I am in need of nothing. If you wish to do anything for me out of adoration of my supreme Black Catitude…please make a donation to an animal shelter of your choice and tell us about it and we will place your name and a supplied copy of a receipt on our WALL OF FAME as a Super Human! No donation is too small or too big. 

Yours Truly