18 + Adult Only must be 18 + years to enter The Holy Rose !

Teen Witch Sunday

On 3rd Sunday of Every Month!

In the year 2015 we had to instill an” Adult only 18 and over “rule to protect the shop. After suffering many losses totaling thousands, it still was not an easy decision to come to. But honestly it was a sound one that will not change as it has vastly improved the day to day operation of the shop. But with that being said I do also understand that there are quite a few bright and aspiring younglings out there that are ready to be introduced to a real occult shop. I myself have had the pleasure of mentoring a youngling or two since the shop opened in 2013. So, this year I am trying something new…TEEN WITCH SUNDAYS.

The third Sunday of every month we will open our doors to aspiring younglings ages 13 and up (MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT) 11am-4pm. I will myself be on the floor to answer question and advise on reading materials as well as other topics. I may choose to do a quick lesson at the crystal table or a tutorial on how to call an element, you never know. It is my way of giving something to our future practitioners. Now I’m not Hogwarts! Our young witchlings will be expected to speak in indoor voices, be respectful to each other, the shop and its staff, and not touch things labeled “Don’t Touch”. (See that’s how this dreadful rule all began)

Do you have an aspiring young witchling that’s been dying to get into the shop? Let’s give this a whirl, shall we? And see what kind of enchantment we summon up.